Frozen Olaf’s in Trouble Game

Frozen Olaf's in Trouble Game

  • Olaf's in Trouble game is a Frozen version of the classic Trouble game
  • Pop-O-Matic unit rolls the die
  • Features your favorite Frozen characters
  • Includes gameboard, plastic game unit with Pop-O-Matic die roller, 16 pegs and label sheet
Pop the bubble to save Olaf in this Disney version of the classic Trouble game! You can play this game as your favorite Frozen character, and your job is to travel around Arendelle to save Olaf. But watch out for the avalanche! Pop all around the board in the Olaf's in Trouble game-it's a game worth melting for! Copyright 2013 Disney. Trouble, Pop-O-Matic and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

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Melissa & Doug Suspend

Melissa & Doug Suspend

  • An exciting balance game for 1-4 players
  • Includes 24 game rods, wooden base,4 frame rods, colored die and wooden connector
  • Exciting to play as a group
  • An intriguing challenge when played alone
  • Develops hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills and interpersonal skills
Melissa & Doug Suspend

Melissa & Doug Suspend is a balancing game that is as easy to understand as it is difficult to master. The game comes with 24 notched, rubber-tipped wire pieces that hang from a tabletop stand. With each turn, a new piece is added to the transforming vertical sculpture, causing the balance to shift and the difficulty to increase. Recommended for ages eight years and up, this balancing game tests your nerves and helps develop hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and interpersonal skills.

Melissa and Doug Suspend
Suspend comes with 24 notched, rubber-tipped wire pieces to hang from a tabletop stand. View larger.

Simple Rules to Follow for Easy Play

Players must use one hand to hang and balance the individual game rods on the frame without causing the structure to collapse. If you touch any of the suspended game pieces with your other hand, you have to take back your piece, losing your turn. Should you cause one or more pieces to fall, you have to pick them up and add them to your pile. The first player to run out of pieces is the winner.

Suspend can be played individually or with up to four players. A colored die is included to determine which color of game rod is to be used at each turn.

Easy Setup for Fast Game Play

Suspend comes with 24 colored game rods, rods and connectors to construct the base, and a colored die. Before playing, assemble the stand on a level playing surface. Insert the frame rods into the holes of the wooden base, and then add the wooden connector and frame rod with hook. Distribute the pieces among the players, making sure each player has the same number of colored game rods. Place any additional pieces in a draw pile for everyone to use.

Four Levels of Game Play Suit All Ages

For versatile game play, Suspend can be played in four different ways. Beginner-level play allows inexperienced players to work their way from using longer pieces to shorter pieces, while intermediate play requires more experienced players to draw on another player's game rods should they roll a color they no longer have. The expert tournament requires advanced players to keep score using a point system.

Melissa and Doug Suspend
An exciting balance game for the whole family. View larger.

For individual play, the balancing pieces of Suspend can be used to create a freeform sculpture.

Easy to Understand, Difficult to Master

Suspend is a fun and challenging game of coordinating balance. Our testers found the game and its rules simple to follow and challenging to play. Rather than arbitrarily placing pieces about the frame, Suspend requires players to skillfully determine where pieces of different lengths will best balance. Players of all ages will appreciate the challenges to their hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills as they try to win the game.

About Melissa & Doug

Started in the garage of Doug's parents' house in 1988, Melissa & Doug has become one of the most popular toy makers in the world. Its toys have garnered dozens of awards and have been widely featured in national media.

Melissa & Doug toys meet all US consumer product safety regulations. The toys are tested at the factory of origin during various phases of the production process to ensure they meet the company's stringent safety requirements. In particular, the paints and coatings on Melissa & Doug toys are tested frequently to meet or exceed government recommendations limiting heavy metals and lead in children's items.

What's in the Box

Wooden base, 24 game rods, four frame rods, wooden connector, colored die, and instructions.

Melissa & Doug

At a Glance:

  • A thought-provoking balancing game for ages eight and up
  • Game develops hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills
  • Four levels of game play for beginners and experienced players
  • Play individually or with up to four players
  • Simple to understand and challenging to play

Age/Weight Requirements:

  • Eight years and up

Assembly Requirements:

  • Simple board setup, with no tools required

Players Required:

  • One to four players

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4M Make A Wind Chime Kit

4M Make A Wind Chime Kit

  • Construct and personalize your very own windchimes
  • Fun to paint and easy to assemble
  • Breeze passing through the chime rods makes musical sounds
  • Kit includes two terra cotta pots, paint strip, brush, cord, line, chime rods and instructions
  • Ages 8 and up
4M Products are creative, imaginative, inspiring and most of all fun! The 4M Make A Wind Chime Kit let's you build, decorate and hang your chime. Once hung listen as the breeze makes music as it passes through the chime rods. Kit includes two terra cota pots, paint strip, brush, cord, line, chime rods and instructions. Perfect for ages 8 and up.

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Click-A-Brick Educational Toys Animal Kingdom 30pc Learning Set – Building Blocks For Boys and Girls

Click-A-Brick Educational Toys Animal Kingdom 30pc Learning Set - Building Blocks For Boys and Girls

  • CREATIVE: Make a lion, monkey, giraffe, camel, wolf, or any fun animal your boy or girl can imagine
  • STIMULATION: Your child will develop better motor skills and hand eye coordination while they play
  • INNOVATIVE: Unique 3-D design connects together from all sides and are sturdy enough to play with
  • SAFE: Bricks are non-toxic ABS plastic, larger than Legos (near 1 sq in) reducing choking hazards
  • ENGAGING: Fun colors and super cute critters will keep your child (and spouse) entertained for hours
Introducing The Hottest New Educational Toy of 2015; Your Kids Will Love It More Than Lego!

Kids love Click-A-Brick because:

- They can either follow along with the directions to create a wide variety of toys or go off-page and use their imagination

- Creations they build are sturdy enough to play with

- The bricks are easy to click together and take apart

- Click-A-Brick's unique design means kids can build in all directions and will be challenged to build whatever shapes and creations they can think of

- Kids can combine Click-A-Brick sets to create even more stuff

- Plus, It's more fun and looks cooler than Lego!

Parents love Click-A-Brick because:

- As an educational toy, it helps children develop cognitive thinking, spatial reasoning, creativity and motor skills

- It's affordable and a great deal!

- Made of non-toxic materials, Click-A-Brick is completely safe and the larger blocks are less of a risk for toddlers

- Click-A-Brick keeps the kids engaged for long periods of time

- The larger brick size also makes it a great travel companion, perfect for keeping the kids busy in the doctor's office, restaurant, or on long car rides, and they won't lose the pieces

- Parents like it just as much as kids, making family playtime more fun

Join Our Click-A-Brick Kids Club and Receive Exclusive Benefits:

- Early access to new products

- Participate in contests and fun games to win prizes

- Exclusive special offers

- Video tutorials on how to build Click-A-Brick figures

*All products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Go back to the top of the page and get yours today. Each child will want their own set and Click-A-Brick makes a great gift too!

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VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

  • Kids learning toy has 5 sides of play that encourage discovery and exploration; 4 light-up buttons introduce animal names, animal sounds and shapes
  • Pre-K learning toy has 14 interactive features that develop fine motor skills; toy assists babies with sitting up to play
  • Motion sensor activates fun sounds when the activity cube is moved to attract attention and encourage crawling
  • Early learning center has 25 playful songs and melodies that keep toddlers engaged and entertained
  • Sturdy block toy is made of BPA-free plastic and is designed for 6 month to 3 year olds; comes with adjustable volume for quieter play, automatic shut-off and 2 AA batteries
Busy Learners Activity Cube

Exploration and fun is around every corner with the Busy Learner’s Activity Cube by VTech. Featuring five sides to explore, this play cube attracts your baby’s attention and encourages imaginative play with music, light-up buttons, colors and more. Shape and animal buttons introduce animal names, animal sounds, and shapes. Press and slide musical instrument buttons introduce instrument names, sounds, and colors. Sliding, spinning blocks promote interaction and fine motor skill development. This interactive cube also plays fun sounds when it's moved. Plays 25 sing-along songs and melodies.

About VTech

VTech, the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) category, is a world leader in age-appropriate learning toys. Since 1976, VTech has been developing high-quality, innovative educational products for children from birth to tween. VTech toys deliver "smart play" through the combination of entertaining electronic formats and engaging, age-appropriate content that helps children learn while having fun.

Top Features
  • 5 sides of play encourage discovery and exploration
  • 4 light-up buttons introduce animal names, animal sounds and shapes
  • 14 interactive features develop fine motor skills
  • Motion sensor activates fun sounds when the activity cube is moved to attract attention
  • 25 playful songs and melodies keep little ones engaged
  • Parent-friendly features include volume control for quieter play, durable design and automatic shut off

List Price: $ 17.99 Price: $ 17.99